Find Parts For Your Obsolete Boilers!Boiler Recycle

Recycling and circular economy is a primary focus of our business, saving money for our customers and helping the environment in the meantime. When you purchase a remanufactured product from us or have your product remanufactured by us, you help us preserve the environment and solve your issue for a fraction of the cost of buying a new product. We trust our remanufactured products' quality so much that they come with 12 months warranty. Also it is quite challenging to find parts for obsolete boilers and having the parts remanufactured saves you the huge cost of buying a brand new boiler and having it fitted!

Nearly all of the time our remanufacturing process is completed within the same day of receipt of the part, tested and sent back to the customer.

5 Easy steps of remanufacturing process:

  • Find "Exchange Service" for the part that you need on our website or call us to find out if we can remanufacture a certain part.
  • Include your contact details and address inside the package and send the part to us
  • We call you once we receive the part, take the payment over the phone if not already paid over the website
  • Remanufacture the part and test it
  • We send the part back to you

That's it! Feel free to contact us and find out more!

1 year warranty