We hold ISO 9001:2015 certificate and our entire manufacturing, re-engineering  BSI ISO 9001:2015and refurbishment processes are done according to these quality assurance systems. We also hold “Gas Safe Register” certificate as a company.

WEEE: (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)


Under the UK Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulation you should ensure that your products are only installed by a registered Gas Safe Engineer.

For New “Fittings”  (regulators, MFC, Gas Valves, Burner Controls etc) these should be supplied to you after the 21st April 2018 with an EC Type Examination Certificate to the GAR (previously these would have been supplied with a certificate under the GAD (Gas Appliance Directive)). Note: They will be time lag as old products are cleared from the supply chain.


General product safety directive

EU rules on product safety are defined in the general product safety directive. Under the directive a product is safe if it meets all statutory safety requirements under European or national law.

If there are no regulations or EU standards, the product's compliance is determined according to other reference documents such as national standards, commission recommendations, codes of practice.